Organic juices from Prickly Pear

About Us

En Mani is the trading name for Magkouras Bros PC, a company that was founded in 2015 in Aeropolis, a small town in Lakonia in the Peloponnese region of Greece. As a food and beverage productive company based in the province, we aim at organic farming, processing, manufacturing and trading of certified local products.

Our Business

We are engaged in the field of processing nopal cactus fruit, known as prickly pear fruit (figue de barbarie), in the region of Mani. Firstly we produce the prickly pear puree which is made from organic and matured prickly pear fruits cultivated in this area, after peeling, mashing, removal of seeds and deep freezing to preserve freshness. After that, the puree is used throughout the year for the manufacturing of the pasteurized prickly pear juices. Our aim is to manufacture organic juices of the best quality and to preserve all the beneficial properties of the fruit, using lemon as a natural preservative and premium agave syrup as sweetener, which has a very low glycemic index.

The Prickly pear

As a symbol of their flag and the national plant of their country, opuntia ficus-indica started its journey from Mexico. According to the legend , the gods told the Aztecs to build their capital at a place, where not only they will see an eagle sat on a prickly pear tree, but also killing a snake. In like manner that happened on a rock on a lake of an island, where they built The Tenochtitlan. In a word that means " prickly pear on the rock" and there today we find the capital of Mexico.
Sooner or later, it was transported to the Mediterranean countries from Spanish sailors and was spread in such a point that now consists one of the basic elements of the Mediterranean landscape.
Quickly it appeared in Mani through the commercial transactions of the locals with the pirates during the period of the Otaman rule. It soon evolved in the local cultivation due to its resistance to the strongly dry climate of the region and also thanks to the tasty and rich in nutritient elements of the fruit and the leaves.
Meanwhile, the people of Mani invented tools which helped the harvesting and clearing of the prickly fruit so they proceeded quickly to the ply exploitation of the fruit.
Nowadays the prickly pear belongs to the family of super foods and many surveys make known its beneficial qualities.